Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions YourTraffic.Biz

Guarantee and Service Level Agreement

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1. Authorization

You are engaging YOURTRAFFIC.BIZ, known as Developer, located at 221 N. Hogan Street #318, Jacksonville, Fl 32202, as an independent contractor for the specific purpose of developing, managing and/or improving internet web site(s) or pages. The Client hereby authorizes Developer access to the existing web hosting service.

2. Cancellation

Client or Developer may cancel agreement at anytime by submitting a notice of cancellation in writing via email or postal service.


3. Payment

ALL PURCHASES FINAL NO REFUND. Payment in full due to begin service. Non-payment may result in service interuption. Prices subject to change without notice. Custom work will be quoted as needed.


4. Confidentiality

All parties hereby agree to keep confidential any and all information exchanged during the coarse of this service.


5. Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention

All parties hereby agree to not disclose and not circumvent any information exchanged during the coarse of this service.


6. Ownership

The client is the exclusive owner of the domain and content and reserves all rights. Client will provide all content and copy (Images, text, and video) unless otherwise noted.


7. Service and Support

The developer will be available for contact by email support. All questions or requests will be responded to within 24 hours by email.


8. Security

Website content will be protected with integrated security.

9. YOURTRAFFIC.BIZ is a private company, we reserve the right to decline working with anyone for any reason.



We will prove your website performance results with a website evaluation including a Google analytics report.  The client agrees to allow google analytics reporting code to be installed on their website.