Backlinks are critical to obtaining traffic WITH search engines here’s why:

  • Google Page Rank considers links “votes” of recommendation from one website to another.
  • The more links you have the higher your chances of getting found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  •  Getting quality one-way links from the right websites that have superior Page Rank is the key.


Backlinks are critical to obtaining traffic WITHOUT search engines here’s why:

  • Research shows many users use favorites and links on the pages they are viewing to navigate the internet.
  • Users visit the links on the websites they like.  If they like the page they’ll usually click the links they see.
  • Links are now being served in apps, games, and other locations that users view in a positive light.


Our BackLinks are:

  • Specifically placed based on the keyword you provide and URL of your website or social media page.
  • Performance based using analytic statistics to calculate performance results.
  • Strategically placed on websites with superior page rank to maximize the benefit of each click.


Our BackLinks are NOT:

  • SPAM
  • AUTOMATED ROBOT Software Programs
  • In violation of Google, Yahoo, or Bing terms and conditions.  We know trying to “game” the search engines only results in getting banned.